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Annelie Powell

Annelie Powell has been working in Casting since 2006 and is a freelance London based Casting Director. She is also Assistant Casting Director at the Royal Shakespeare Company

For a detailed CV, please click the link below.

If you are an actor, please contact her via the RSC. The email address is in contacts.

If you are looking to speak to Annelie about casting a project, please contact Dan Uszstan at United Agents.

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For work availability or to make a further enquiry, please visit the contact page. Thanks.

Review - HAG

Baba Yaga, played with an excellent haunting menace and gruff Scottish accent by Laura Cairns is part actor part puppet. Her huge disgusting head hangs off Cairns like a weird wart-covered alien. The puppets include a strange, charmed doll and are manipulated subtly and beautifully. The rest of the characters, from Lisa's flaccid, useless father to her ugly step-sisters (a la 'Cinderella') are played brilliantly by Tom McCall and Theone Rashleigh. Read more...

Time out,

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