Hello!  It can be a bit confusing and overwhelming knowing what to do about contacting Casting Director’s so I’ve put everything below that could help. 

We welcome being emailed and read everything that comes in, but the sheer volume means we can’t reply to everything. 

We especially like emails with links rather than attachments and love it when you are writing with news, or a specific project, rather than a general send out and a link to your spotlight page is perfect, preferably with a showreel. 

If you think you are right for something we are casting and you are on spotlight- please submit via there but if you are not on spotlight,  we are happy to receive an email with a bit about you.   We watch tons of TV shows, films and Theatre productions – we love a bit of standup too.  

Please do not feel you need to write an essay, a short paragraph is all that is needed. We rarely do generals,  so there’s a better point in writing for a particular project than something generalised.

[email protected]

[email protected]

Social Media

We are on Instagram and Twitter but invitations to see your work, or make contact through dm’s for work will not be read through that format. We can’t stress enough that social media is not the way to submit yourself for projects.  If it was, Spotlight would be out of business. What it works brilliantly for is getting information out there and we do sometimes use it for specific casting calls.

Sliding into DM’s of people you want to work with but dont know, is not advised.

For more information on the casting process, we think Spotlight has a great resource of podcasts and videos  We often do workshops and classes and information on those will be sent out via Instagram and Twitter and the relevant places mailing lists. If we are doing open calls, information on them will be sent out via Social media. We also have a saved Q and A on our Instagram.